Saturday, February 7, 2009

A ton of ice and turmoil! This is the view from our back deck last week during the ice storm in NW Arkansas. We got hit pretty bad. Most of the trees in our yard lost their tops and many MANY branches. Ice was an inch and a half thick on everything, on tree limbs, car windsheilds, streets, even on single blades of grass making them look like strange coral from the depths of the ocean. Walking across the yard was a trip. There were all these strange stalagmights growing up from the ground so that you could imagine yourself walking across the surface of a strange planet. We woke up Tuesday morning with no power, Tuesday we decided to go stay at a hotel only there was a little hitch, we were trapped. We have three driveways that wind their way down to our house in the woods, which is about an acre from the road, and all three were covered with fallen trees and branches, so we just weathered out the storm at home. The kids "camped out" in the living room and we closed off the other rooms of the house to conserve heat. Every few hours we got up and turned the oven on for a little bit to warm it up in the kitchen/living room (thank goodness we had a gas stove) Then we would turn it off (no need to risk carbon monoxide) and went to bed until we woke up cold again. It really wasn't TOO bad. We didn't freeze. The next day we spent ALL day hacking and cutting the trees and branches from one of the driveways and finally made it out to town. We had to get a battery for our cell phone because it wouldn't hold a charge anymore, oh and a car charger for it as the power was out to the house. When we got home the power was on, YEAH! For the rest of the week power was off and on and off again. Glad that mess is over with, wait did I say over? We have so much brush to clean up it will take us a year to get it all done. UGGGHHH! On a happy note, we won't have to cut so much as a stick for the cookout fire on the 4th of July this year or any year here after, LOL.

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