Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking Woman!

Ok, so maybe not incredible but definately shrinking! I've been on a Special K diet for about a month now. I haven't been weighing myself or exercising but I have been paying close attention to what and how much I'm eating. Apparently that's enough for now because my jeans are getting loose. I went to buy the next size down last night, brought them home and they were too big too. So naturally I thought it was just the style I bought, cause some are bigger than others, and I went to return them this morning. I tried on a lot of jeans this morning and have come to the conclusion that I am indeed shrinking because I am now two pant sizes smaller! Oh Yeah! Nothing will keep you on track with your diet than fitting into smaller clothes, LOL. Can't wait to see what my next smaller pair of jeans will look like!

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