Friday, January 30, 2009

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Brittany's green eyes!

When I was a little girl I always wanted hazel eyes, the same color my dad has. The dark hair and the light eyes is a beautiful combination. When I was born I had blue eyes but when I was about 2 years old they changed to brown. So when my oldest daughter Brittany was born with light eyes I was so afraid they would change to brown as well when she got older. But time has gone by and it looks like she got the eyes I always wanted. Dad's eyes. But that's ok because Those Eyes look so good on her.

Major Bedhead!

This is my son William. He's such a goofball. He always has a wisecrack, comeback, or twist on your words. He is NEVER NOT FUNNY! So one morning when he came out of his room, he couldn't figure out why everyone was giggling when he hadn't said anything yet. "What?" he said. "Go check the mirror" I said. The next thing we heard was a "holy cow!" from the bathroom. My scrapbooking self hollers out "Wait, don't brush it! I want a picture!" The journaling to this page says, "we didn't know wether to hug him or salute!" And that's the truth.

Chicken Pox on 1st Halloween

My youngest daughter Abbigail was such a sweet baby. She was always smiling (and still is) no matter what. Even when she was sick she was smiling. On her first Halloween she got Chicken Pox. So much for door to door with bubba and sissy. So being my creative little self I made up a chicken costume from scratch (without a pattern, I think it turned out pretty good), Carved a pumpkin with the word pox (all the while thinking what a great page it would make, am I a scrapbook addict or what?) and clicked away, the whole time Abbi is just as happy and smiley as ever. What a wonderful disposition she has!

My colorful kids!

On a beautiful fall morning a few years ago I decided to take some photos of the kids in the yard. I invisioned some wall worthy pics of three beautiful children sitting patiently with happy smiles amid brightly colored leaves with the wind blowing gently through the trees as I clicked away with my Canon digitial camera. That was the dream, what I got was a lot of photos of my kids as they are. Happy, energetic, unable to sit still for 3 seconds, LOL. I love my babies!

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