Friday, February 13, 2009

The Incredible Shrinking Woman-Part 2!

Ok, last night I had one of those moments of happy disbelief that only comes to a woman when she's been a big gal all her life and she truly reallizes she is getting smaller after so much struggle. After I went to the store and tried on all those jeans yesterday and bought them believing that I was now 2 pant sizes smaller I was in for a shocker of a night. After work I went to pick up my daughter from school and while sitting in the car waiting for her to come out I was looking at the jeans I bought. I pulled one pair from the bag and saw that it was a size 16 (I started out as a size 22 then bought sz 20 night before last, tried them on, too big, went back to the store tried more on, sz 18, was extatic that I was 2 pant size smaller, woo-hoo) now I'm looking at these jeans thinking I bought one pair the wrong size and that I'll have to give them to my daughter cause I grabbed the wrong ones. We go home, I grab a pair from the bag realize they are the sz 16, went to trade with my daughter and realize they are both sz 16. Now how did that happen? I know I bought a pair of sz 18, how did I end up with 2 sz 16. I'm thinking I have to go back to the store again, then I decided to try a pair on and what do you know, I was trying on sz 16 the whole time yesterday morning thinking I was trying on sz 18 jeans. So what this slowly came to mean was that I have now, in 1 month, gone down 3, count them, THREE pant sizes! Holy Crap! The last time I wore a sz 16 jeans I was in Jr High school. The last time I wore 18s I was in High School, I'm 34 now. Holy Crap! I thought I would lose some weight with Special K cereals but not this kind of weight. WOW! I'm not exercising yet, though I plan to, I just stopped drinking pop, and started drinking skim milk instead of whole. (I'm a milk junkie) And so far that is working for me. And with Special K snacks it's not that hard to stick to it, so I think I can keep going. And boy what an incentive, smaller pants!

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