Friday, September 18, 2009

Halloween witch bag / antique doctor bag

I adore this witchy Halloween bag. It was a labor of love for me. I love vintage things that are tattered, well used and loved, and have an untold story. So when I found this antique doctor bag at a thrift store I was elated. It had definitely seen its better days, it has some rust, holes in the leather and was quite frumpy looking. I walked past it and when I came back to it someone else had it in their hands! Yikes! I waited patiently pretending to look at other things hoping they would put it down. Finaly they shrugged and put it down and as soon as they turned their back I pounced on it. I endured months of evil looks from my husband that said without words "Are you crazy woman? Why on Earth would you buy such a thing?" Well finally I decided what I wanted to do with it after going to CKC Tulsa and visiting the Tattered Angels booth. They have recently come out with some really cool vintage style Hallween products. As soon as I saw their stamps I knew immediately that my bag would become a Halloween themed masterpiece. (ok maybe masterpiece is stretching it a bit, you can't tell how much I love this can you?) I posted pics of it on my facebook and within 1 minute had two offers to buy it. Eat your heart out guys, this ones mine!

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Julie Ann Shahin said...

Wow wow wow wow!!! Love this! You are so talented!!!
Hey, thanks for linking to the Bad Girls Project 52 blog!!! <3

Julie Ann Shahin

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