Sunday, March 8, 2009

12 Hour Benifit Crop What Fun!

My best friend Lydia and I went to Neosho MO yesterday to attend a 12 hour benifit crop. There is a nice little scrapbook store in Neosho called Stickers and Stuff that sponsors these 12 hour crops twice a year to benifit local charities. You only pay $35 and in return you get 12 hours of amazing good times, 2 home cooked meals (yum) plus snacks and drinks, free gift package of great products, contests with prizes throughout the day, and 2 mini classes. The gals that put this on are amazing! They are friendly, upbeat wonderful ladies who always remember everyone's names. So here are some pictures of the day.
Here is a pic of Lydia and I, she with her iphone headphones jammin out while cropping. Everyone was wearing some kind of green for March.

Here is the last pag I worked on about my 4 year old daughter and the changes she went through between her first and second birthday. I didn't get completely done with this one.

Here is a page I did get done about my son William. His 4th grade basket ball season just ended last weekend and his year end party is today so I thought it would be a great page to put up on his wall perhaps.

Here is another page about William entitled "bass face". We were at a friend's house and William was playing around with one of the many bass guitars there. Even though he doesn't know how to play yet he sure makes it look good. He's so theatrical, he's definately got the bass face down. LOL.

During the crop one of the contests was to decorate the green ballon each of us got. I used some of the papers I got in my free gift package to make a Lepricon. Mr. Lucky hitched a ride home with us at the end of the night.

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